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The travel grant is available for visits up to the 31st March 2015 and is allocated on a first come first served basis

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Travel Grant Scheme

The fund is fully allocated for visits April-August 2015

Funding now open for visits September 2015-March 2016

Feedback from our recent schools survey identified that one of the key barriers to schools accessing outdoor learning opportunities within the National Park is the cost of travel to sites.  To address this issue we are delighted to announce the launch of a new Travel Grant Scheme aimed at schools within our more deprived communities in and around the National Park.  This scheme aims to reduce this barrier and encourage more young people to have access to the fantastic opportunities for outdoor learning provide within the South Downs National Park, and to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the developing South Downs Curriculum.

The documents on this page will help you to check if you are eligible for the grant and guide you through the application process. 

If you need any help please contact us at travelgrants@southdowns.gov.uk

Number of students who have benefited so far

Child Child

In our 2012 schools audit teachers told us that the top barriers to learning outside were…

  • Travel issues (62%)
  • Cost (52%)
  • Time (46%)

Whilst we can't give you more time we can help towards the cost of travel with the Travel Grant for Schools