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Chalk Grassland

Introducing chalk grasslands – the European equivalent of tropical rainforests. Covers what they are, where they are found, how they were formed and why its important to look after them. Also looks at what is being done locally in the South Downs to conserve and improve them for the future.

All agesKey Stage 3Key Stage 4Key Stage 5GeneralGeographySciencePDFSouth Downs HabitatsWildlife & HabitatsSouth Downs National ParkSouth Downs SpeciesChalk Downland

National Parks England – Wildlife Wonders

National Parks provide valuable spaces for nature on a large scale, with special protection for wildlife. Map and infographic of the wildlife highlights in England’s National Parks.

All agesGeneralPDFSouth Downs HabitatsWildlife & HabitatsAbout The National ParkSouth Downs National ParkSouth Downs Species

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Evidence suggests that a small improvement in wellbeing can help people to flourish. This grid illustrates how schools, mental health support groups, and outdoor centres have used the John Muir Award to help promote the Five Ways to Wellbeing themes.

All agesGeneralPDFJohn Muir AwardLearning

High Quality Outdoor Education

A guide to recognising and achieving High Quality Outdoor Education in Schools, Youth Services, Clubs and Centres.

All agesGeneralPDFCurriculumStaying SafeLearningCase Studies

Outdoor Learning Outcomes Mindmap

A diagram of potential outcomes for participants when taking part in outdoor learning activities.

All agesGeneralPDFCurriculumStaying SafeLearning

Curriculum map: topics by subject and year group

A working document mapping the topics taught in schools from Early Years to GCSE. Supporting outdoor learning providers to match programmes/activities to curriculum requirements.

All agesGeneral

Evaluation Toolkit

A detailed toolkit containing a wide variety of evaluation tools from the Brathay Trust. The kit explains the techniques, evaluates their strengths and weeknesses, and demonstrates putting them into practice. Includes creative and active evaluation activities as well as paperbased and traditional.

All agesCurriculumStaying Safe

Learning Outside the Classroom in Upham Primary

A case study showing how Upham Primary blends their school grounds with experiential learning in their local area. Years one and two study food and farming – a very topical and accesible subject with many opportunities to get outside.

Key Stage 1GeneralFarming & Land ManagementStaying SafeCase Studies

Learning Outside the Classroom in Droxford

A case study showing how Droxford Junior School links their curriculum to the special qualities of the South Downs National Park.

Key Stage 2GeneralCurriculumSpecial PlacesCase Studies

Learning outside the classroom in Graffham Infant and Duncton CE Junior

A case study showing how Graffham Infant and Duncton CE Junior Schools have made links with the wider community through Forest Schools.

EYFSKey Stage 1Key Stage 2GeneralWoodlandStaying SafeCase Studies

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