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The South Downs National Park has some of the most interesting Cultural Heritage in England. It includes everything from evidence of some of the earliest humans in Britain through to the most up to date artist work. It shows how people have lived, worked, shaped and been inspired by the landscape.

People’s activity has shaped the South Downs over the last 500,000 years, which is the most recent part of the story which started with the laying down of the chalk over 100 million years ago!

Key parts of the National Park’s cultural heritage include:

  • archaeological sites of the Bronze and Iron Ages;
  • villages, towns and important historic buildings, such as churches;
  • early industrial sites from flint mines to ironworking furnaces;
  • evidence of World War I and II;
  • designed parks and gardens;
  • artists, crafts people and scientists inspired by this landscape; and
  • traditional fairs, customs and cultural events.

You can explore cultural heritage by visiting sites and museums to discover the secrets of our past and present.

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