Geology & Landscapes

The type of land in the South Downs is important to all other special qualities in the park. The rock types are mostly chalk, with greensands and clays making up the Western Weald.

Over time lots of different landscapes have been created in quite a small area which is a key feature of the National Park. This includes wooded and heathland ridges on the greensands in the Western Weald to wide open downland on top of chalk, which stretches from one end of the National Park to the other. There are river valleys that cross the National Park that create a range of wetland habitats.

There are also hidden villages, farms (large and small), busy market towns and historic estates. They are joined by paths and lanes, many of which are ancient.

You can see the effect of the geology on the landscape as you visit places in the National Park and by finding out more in museums and from local groups.