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How to use the South Downs as a teaching resource

Ideas from the National Park’s Education Officer to make the most of this special landscape.

All agesGeneralPDFConference

Transforming a school through sense of place, Droxford Junior School

School to school support, ideas from a Headteacher at an outstanding school.

All agesGeneralPDFConference

Be a Water Hero – Southern Water

We live in a water-stressed area and it’s important we use this precious resource wisely.

All agesKey Stage 1Key Stage 2CitizenshipScienceTechnologyPDFGeologyGeology & LandscapesRivers

Heathlands Reunited Project Area Schools

Check if your school is eligible for free visits (including transport costs) to heathland sites in the National Park.

All agesGeneralPDFSouth Downs HabitatsHeathland

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