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Travel Grant Application Form

Includes information about how to apply for the grant, an application form and evaluation form.

All agesGeneralTravel Grant

Travel Grant Eligible Schools and Providers 2019-20

A full list of schools and sites eligible for the South Downs National Park Travel Grant.

All agesTravel Grant

Tree Measuring – Outdoor & Woodland Learning, Scotland

How the properties of trees can support progression in numeracy and mathematical skills in particular.

Key Stage 1Key Stage 2Key Stage 3Key Stage 4MathsPDFWoodland

Good or bad for water voles

A set of flashcards to get your class thinking about how water voles survive on the river

Key Stage 2SciencePDFWater Vole

The future of learning outside the classroom and how you can be part of it

Professor Justin Dillon, President of the National Association for Environmental Education, shares his thoughts.

All agesGeneralPDFConference

How to use the South Downs as a teaching resource

Ideas from the National Park’s Education Officer to make the most of this special landscape.

All agesGeneralPDFConference

Transforming a school through sense of place, Droxford Junior School

School to school support, ideas from a Headteacher at an outstanding school.

All agesGeneralPDFConference

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